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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction estimating software is vital as it streamlines the estimation procedure, improves accuracy, reduces guide mistakes, and allows for higher cost manipulate and undertaking control, in the end saving money and time for production agencies.

AI is used in construction to optimise project planning, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance safety through the analysis of data, predictive modelling, and machine learning algorithms.

Accounting in construction refers to the process of forecasting and calculating costs, materials and time required for a construction project using Prediction3D technology to increase accuracy and efficiency.

Yes, many software are available for construction estimation, including Prediction3d technologies - an automated construction scheduling and estimating software. It utilizes advanced modelling and visualisation capabilities to improve accuracy and streamline the estimation process.

To perform cost estimating for construction projects, utilize Prediction3D technologies to create detailed models, analyze quantities, and apply cost databases to accurately assess material, labor, and equipment costs, resulting in more precise project estimates.

Smart scheduling in production, with Prediction3D technologies, offers advantages which include stepped forward task coordination, optimized useful resource allocation, reduced creation delays, and better productivity, in the long run main to value and time financial savings.

AI in BIM (Building Information Modeling) for construction estimates uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze and interpret data from BIM models, enabling more accurate and responsive estimates of construction costs and rates around

FAQ Vol. 1

As a leading-edge software development company, Prediction 3D offers some of the most advanced artificial intelligence-powered estimating tools in the world. As such, we get questions all the time about what our solutions can do.
We thought it might be useful to answer some of the most frequently asked questions in an easy-to-read format. Most of our readers are interested in seeing if P3D can save them money and time while reducing errors and missed opportunities.

Yes. Any residential home plan can be estimated using P3D AI-powered software. P3D uses your BIM files to create an accurate schedule and take-off estimate in minutes.
Have changes along the way? Change any schedule parameter, and P3D will make the adjustments automatically. Whether your residential project involves masonry, structural steel, lumber, concrete, or any other material, P3D will keep your information up to the minute and accurate.
Even complex architectural projects like Victorian designs can be estimated at the click of a mouse. P3D can be used to schedule materials, labor, logistics, and essentially any other task the project will undertake.

Yes. Prediction3D software helps project managers control costs and scheduling for commercial construction projects all the time. P3D AI-powered estimating tools are commonly used to create very accurate take-offs that can be trusted. Whether the commercial project is designed for retail, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, medical facilities, or other commercial structures, P3D software can handle it. Our software provides the most accurate schedules and cost estimations you can have. The solutions are also easy to use. For example, to get precise and accurate estimations for any commercial building, just upload any commercial Revit or AutoCAD file. The P3D solution will then download the project parameters, customized by each element, to compute an accurate schedule and estimate take-off.

FAQ Vol. 2

Here’s the next installment of answers to frequently asked questions posed by our readers. If you’d like to check out Vol. 1 of Frequently Asked Questions, follow the link at the end. Our goal at P3D is to answer the most common questions about AI-powered estimating and scheduling.

We here at Prediction 3D understand the responsibilities of managing a large industrial project. Our AI powered solutions are designed to work with any industrial project regardless of industrial use, or size.
Power plants, refineries, and manufacturing facilities use Prediction3D’s data sources to support all kinds of industrial construction materials, techniques, and systems to provide accurate estimates, scheduling, and logistics.
Erecting new industrial facilities while minimizing any effects on production schedules can be a challenge. Prediction 3D software does the tedious work, without inserting the inevitable errors an exhausted project manager might.
P3D can be used to help keep the production lines rolling while construction projects are being completed. Industrial project managers use P3D software to keep their projects nimble and ready to respond quickly to changes in project scope.

Yes. The transportation industry might benefit most of all from the fine-tuning P3D software offers. Even the smallest details are analyzed for accuracy, helping a transportation manager speed up logistics planning.
In the construction industry, a single delayed shipment can cause a ripple effect, knocking the project schedule off by days and weeks, if not months. Timely transportation of materials is the bread and butter of a logistics professional, and P3D enables the user to execute their tasks in the most cost-effective way.
Our P3D software helps control costs by providing the exact cost estimation of the shipping and mode of delivery for every project. This helps any logistics manager to ensure on-time delivery of construction materials, equipment, and labor to the site.

FAQ Vol. 3

Following up on our previous two volumes 1 and 2, this FAQ focuses on common questions we get from interested clients from various sectors. Today, we’ll discuss using P3D AI powered estimating software in the public sector. We’ll also answer whether P3D can be used to help accurately manage bills of materials.

Definitely. At P3D, we assist all kinds of project managers and buyers manage construction projects related to the public sector. Our AI powered estimating and scheduling software helps any project manager view the entire construction plans online and visually edit any component per the project's specific needs.
Public sector projects can become complex to manage because there are many dynamic elements, like logistics, approvals, permits, and other related project details.
Prediction 3D AI-powered scheduling software not only helps manage current project details but can also provide alerts in advance to specific issues in the future. This one feature can help identify potential delays far enough in advance to be proactive in determining their solution.

P3D estimating and scheduling software is designed to make managing a bill of materials very easy. P3D software provides the ability to visually validate any bill of materials, helping project managers identify small concerns before they become big ones.
The importance of the bill of materials is well understood by the construction industry. Creating an accurate bill of materials ensures that construction-related components are timely and negotiated for the best price available.
An accurate bill of materials is the lifeblood of any construction project. In fact, the larger the project budget, the more accurate the bill of materials must be to maintain profitability.
Creating and sharing an updated and accurate version of the bill of materials with the construction team is vital to cost efficiency.
Our P3D software allows users to visually validate the bill of materials, helping identify both problems and opportunities much easier. Whether based on assembly codes, structural materials, or categories, and any construction costs can be provided in detail and easily edited.