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border-imagewhat does prediction 3d ai project management software do
What Does Prediction 3D AI Project Management Software Do?
blog-author-iconBrian Paul

Prediction 3D (P3D) is a technology company (based in Hattiesburg, MS, USA) offering project management software solutions powered by artificial intelligence, or AI. The P3D does not require additional CAD files to work and can be used stand alone, or integrated into other project management applications..

border-image3 ways using p3d can save your construction company money
3 Ways Using P3D Can Save Your Construction Company Money
blog-author-iconBrian Paul

In today’s world of construction, unpredictability reigns. Managing construction projects at a profit can often rely on good decisions made far upstream. Prediction 3D (P3D) offers AI solutions for construction professionals that help you make more informed decisions.

border-imagehow does ai powered project management save time and money
How Does AI Powered Project Management Save Time and Money?
blog-author-iconBrian Paul

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as an incredibly useful tool for managing virtually any project. Project managers, designers, estimators, and other professionals can use the power of AI to perform huge calculations, provide reports, and check for accuracy.

border-imagewhat is our time worth
What is Our Time Worth?
blog-author-iconBrian Paul

It’s been claimed that project managers spend over 20% of their time on a project just on the planning phase. Nearly 70% of their time is spent on execution, and 5% on supervision

border-imagewill artificial intelligence make my job easier
Will Artificial Intelligence Make My Job Easier?
blog-author-iconBrian Paul

As project managers in today’s volatile construction industry it seems like we’re either twiddling our thumbs or juggling chainsaws. How would our day-to-day activities be affected if we could see problems before they happen?