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Business Automations: Prediction 3D Pre-Construction Estimating

Brian Paul
DECEMBER 12, 2023 | 10 min
business automations prediction 3d pre-construction estimating

If we could calculate the cost and value of our business processes, would they be a good investment? When creating pre-construction estimates and quotes, do we really need a human with a calculator to ensure accuracy?

Prediction 3D (Prediction 3D), a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) powered estimating tools, has developed cutting edge tools to keep your projects moving. Prediction 3D AI powered pre-estimating tools are designed for the processes you need, not the ones won’t you don’t.

Today, we will discuss how Prediction 3D estimating software can save you money, time, and costly estimating mistakes. We will discuss how a project manager, business principal, developer, or general contractor can use the power of artificial intelligence to make their business automations more efficient and error-free.

How Can Prediction 3D Estimating Software Save Me Time?

As decision makers we live and die by our business automations, which are the standard processes we use to run our businesses. We use computers to run reports, verify numbers, and make sure our team is on the same page.

In the 21st century, we no longer need to rely on these antiquated business processes. Now we can use the power of artificial intelligence to do the number crunching and cross checking while we focus on the big picture.

With Prediction 3D software, change automations Workflow automation mapping. Make sure the features work for your company. Also, ensure your software can work with other applications, as outside vendors commonly provide some of the business processes, such as payroll and accounting.

How Does Prediction 3D Compare to Other AI Powered Tools?

Prediction 3D pre-estimating software is designed to be powerful, yet customizable and cost-effective. Some developers offer solutions that are expensive to try out, and even more expensive to own. Small to medium sized construction companies can find these solutions overly complex to operate, have useless features, and therefore would not be a good value.

Prediction 3D is designed to grow with your company, without requiring the huge upfront investment some other solutions require. Testing results have demonstrated a 99.99% accuracy, while maintaining speed and functionality.

The Prediction 3D solution takes task automation to the next level.

How Difficult Is Prediction 3D Software to Operate?

Believe it or not, you can operate Prediction 3D pre-construction software within minutes. Just upload your Revit 3D model and Prediction 3D starts to work. Within minutes you’ll be able to use pre-estimate data like never before.

With Visual Editing, you can see your project in 3D, giving you a perspective unlike any other pre-estimating software. Reporting can be compiled, sorted, compared, verified, and reported in seconds, not days.

You can use Prediction 3D to automate core processes and support processes, saving you and your staff precious working hours. Instead of falling into code red crisis mode every time a change occurs, Prediction 3D automatically identifies inconsistencies, and based on your instructions, offers solutions in seconds.

It’s easy to become distracted and confused when discussing artificial intelligence. As an industry, construction companies can be quick to adopt new technologies in tools and machinery that save time, improve quality, and save money. We should view AI as just another tool we can use to be more productive.

How Does Prediction 3D Estimating Software Improve Accuracy?

Cross checking numbers and producing electronic estimates is not new to project management, but how we perform the work is. We’ve been known to stick with tried and true business processes we understand.

The longer we procrastinate in adopting new technology, the further behind the curve our businesses can fall. In a competitive market, being precise, up-to-date, and prompt can make the difference in which contractor gets the job.

Prediction 3D technology improves your estimating accuracy using benefits like the crash detection[1] feature. Crash detection helps you correct simple inconsistencies that can bloom into disasters if not caught early.

Let’s say an RFP we receive from a prospective client includes a detailed materials list. You upload the 3D Revit files, along with the materials list, and create your project. With a few commands, you generate a model of the Prediction 3D project. However, the RFP contains an error, so if processed as received, the RFP can become an estimate wrought with problems.

The Prediction 3D crash detection feature will alert you when these inconsistencies occur in the pre-planning phase. Using the visual editing feature, you make project changes or adjustments as needed, and generate your corrected estimate. No panic or overtime required.

Is Prediction 3D Technology Expensive to Try Like So Many Others?

No, Prediction 3D software solutions are tailored precisely to the users needs. Prediction 3D AI powered estimating solutions were designed specifically to be useful to a broad range of users, so the system is completely scalable.

Currently, Prediction 3D is partnering with prospective users for beta testing and market research. Developers in the southeastern US are currently using Prediction 3D solutions to establish metrics for the cost-effectiveness of the software.

Almost immediately, processes that routinely take an hour were reduced to 10 minutes. Better still, the results were automatically verified for accuracy, so human cross checking became redundant.

This isn’t an extreme example either. The Prediction 3D technology bridges the gap between the complexity of AI behind the scenes, and the user interface. Prediction 3D software produces the information you need in an easy to digest format, instead of a messy file folder.

If you would like more information on the beta testing program, click here to set up a consultation. You can speak to current users, our developers, and get all of your questions answered in one place.

Business Automations Made Simple

If you’re interested in discovering how AI automated estimating can affect your company’s bottom line, the best way to get started is by discussing your project with an expert. The developers at Prediction 3D are deservedly proud of their achievements and love talking about them. If you’re ready, just make an appointment and the pros at Prediction 3D will take it from there.

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