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Is Using AI-Powered Project Management Software a Good Idea?

Brian Paul
DECEMBER 05, 2023 | 10 min
is using ai-powered project management software a good idea

In today’s modern world, technology is the driving force behind almost everything we do. Most of us use technology to wake up, go to sleep, and live our daily lives. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a natural evolution of technology.

Using the supercomputing and broad connectivity available at our fingertips, we can see the benefits firsthand. AI improves the quality and user experience by identifying and resolving potential problems before they become disasters.

Using computers to teach computers is the basic function of AI. Today, we can have direct interaction with AI, using any of the popular applications available, like ChatGPT and Dall-E 2. These “generative AI” applications perform various functions based on commands provided by the user.

Here we hope to shed light on the emerging use of AI in the construction industry, and why the most successful contractors use the tool to increase productivity and profitability.

Is Using AI for Project Management Tasks Risky?

A common assumption among those unfamiliar with the use of AI is that the technology can be dangerous to use. Some fear that somehow AI will take over their business, wreck their finances, or worse. In reality, AI uses the same tools we’ve used for decades now, just more efficiently.

Artificial intelligence can be designed to perform any number of functions, which are completely controlled by the user. Most successful contractors use AI to perform mundane tasks, like cross-checking numbers for consistency, generating estimates and quotes, and managing a workforce.

These tasks can be cost-prohibitive when performed by a human, so inconsistencies can go unnoticed. AI technology, like that provided by Prediction 3D, can check and cross-check information accuracy in a fraction of a second. Using AI not only saves the contractor unnecessary labor costs, but also helps them avoid expensive mistakes.

Is Using AI for Project Estimating Expensive?

You might be surprised to discover that using AI estimating tools usually costs less, not more, than a human project manager. The Prediction 3D estimating tools are designed specifically for the tasks you perform, so no efforts are wasted.

The Prediction 3D solutions are custom designed for each business, but can also be changed at any time. We all know technology evolves, so the Prediction 3D engineers designed these estimating tools to be robust, but adaptable, as new technologies emerge.

The Prediction 3D estimating solution is designed for maximum functionality and efficiency, not bells and whistles. Prediction 3D software can generate materials take-off lists, cross check current pricing, and schedule a labor force in seconds, not days.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Estimates and Quotes

Project management begins when an estimate, quote, or other offer of work is submitted to the client. The estimate will usually be the first interaction the client has with a contractor, so accuracy, clarity, and completeness must be a priority.

Poorly written quotes that do not emphasize the customer are difficult to sell. Value, inaccurate estimates give the client the impression that the work will also lack attention to detail. As a result, a competing contractor might get the job, simply because their estimate was easy to understand.

AI powered estimating tools, like those offered by Prediction 3D, make generating estimates and quotes very fast and easy, while maintaining complete accuracy. This allows the contractor to spend less time in front of a computer and more time with the customer.

What Makes the Prediction 3D Solution Easy to Use?

Other AI powered project management tools can offer less functionality, yet cost more to use than Prediction 3D software. Prediction 3D focuses on the user experience by providing functions and features you’ll actually use.

Some AI powered tools are so expensive that just paying someone to operate it is cost prohibitive. Others offer little functionality, albeit at a low cost. Prediction 3D bridges this gap by providing AI features, like Visual Editing, that directly improves the user experience. The easier a tool is to use, the more likely employees will use it.

Prediction 3D estimating software doesn’t require a room full of servers either. Some AI powered tools are so complex to operate that they require a training course. Prediction 3D estimating tools are very user friendly, completely customizable, and ready to go within minutes.

Does the Prediction 3D Estimating Tools Require Complicated Uploads?

The estimating tools Prediction 3D offers are based on a simple upload of your BIM model. Within seconds, you can generate a take-off estimate and schedule free of inaccuracies. This, plus the Visual Editing feature, helps you avoid costly overruns and project delays.

The Prediction 3D solution is designed for use with residential, commercial, industrial, and even green building industries. This would not be possible if the tool was cumbersome, difficult to operate, or not up to the job.

Prediction 3D estimating software can also pay for itself very quickly. By eliminating avoidable mistakes, the solution can save the user not just time, but hassle and money as well.

Can I Request a Free Demonstration From Prediction 3D?

Prediction 3D currently offers free demonstrations of the tools, along with access to technical support. In fact, you may even qualify as a beta tester for new features. Prediction 3D is currently partnering with potential clients in an effort to generate real user testimonials. If you would like to be considered for the beta test program, click here for more information.

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What Does Prediction 3D AI Project Management Software Do?
blog-author-iconBrian Paul

Prediction 3D (P3D) is a technology company (based in Hattiesburg, MS, USA) offering project management software solutions powered by artificial intelligence, or AI. The Prediction 3d does not require additional CAD files to work and can be used stand alone, or integrated into other project management applications..

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3 Ways Using Prediction 3d Can Save Your Construction Company Money
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In today’s world of construction, unpredictability reigns. Managing construction projects at a profit can often rely on good decisions made far upstream. Prediction 3D (P3D) offers AI solutions for construction professionals that help you make more informed decisions