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Prediction 3D: New Updates for 2024

Brian Paul
DECEMBER 25, 2023 | 10 min
prediction 3d new updates for 2024

Due to the overwhelming interest in the new Prediction 3D pre-estimating solution, the experts at Prediction 3D have introduced new upcoming features for 2024.

Prediction 3D is already a leading market contender in the artificial intelligence (AI) project management world, with happy users all around the globe. To enhance the user experience, the pros at Prediction 3D have introduced even more security and accuracy into the most current iteration of the platform.

Today we’ll discuss the latest regarding Prediction 3D and the artificial intelligence technology driving it. Prediction 3D is also working with beta testers across the world, so we’ll include application info in case you’re interested in seeing what AI-powered estimating can do for your business.

New Performance Data For 2023

Prediction 3D has worked relentlessly in 2023, and with a laser focus to achieve the most accurate query results possible. For example, change order automation was tested to provide 99.99% accurate results, at even faster speeds than previously possible. Prediction 3D software is completely upgradable, so your processes will never become antiquated.

Documented testing has shown the Prediction 3D solution to perform the same work in ten minutes that a project manager would dedicate an hour to. Prediction 3D is currently working with builder organizations and local builders to design custom apps that are secure, easy, and incredibly accurate.

Who Is Prediction 3D Pre-Estimating Software Designed For?

Prediction 3D construction pre-estimating software is designed for general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, developers, real estate pros, and even civil engineers managing huge projects. The Prediction 3D pre-estimating tool is designed to be customized by you, to fit your business’s needs, not someone else's.

General Contractors

General contractors use Prediction 3D software to help avoid countless project management hours spent by personnel. The AI-powered Prediction 3D solution uses Revit files, a common format used by architects, designers, and engineers.

This allows general contractors to see the status of every project at the touch of a button, as well as make minor adjustments.


Subcontractors can use Prediction 3D software to manage the pre-ordering of materials. As projects evolve and change, Prediction 3D automatically cross-checks every calculation and looks for even the smallest inconsistencies. This allows tiny problems to be solved before they become big ones.

What if inclement weather or logistical delays are realized at the last second? How effective are endless busy signals and voicemails? Prediction 3D allows the user to make the smallest, or the largest, change to any project and see the potential results in nearly real-time. The larger the volume produced by the subcontractor, the less billable time will be wasted waiting for answers.


Suppliers love Prediction 3D because it saves them hours on the phone with their customers. Prediction 3D can update estimates on the fly, so the information you receive is always current and accurate. This is especially helpful when logistics prevent on-time deliveries, allowing the subcontractor to reallocate resources more effectively.

Suppliers that use Prediction 3D software understand the connection between customer service and dependability. If a delay appears likely on the horizon, suppliers can simply change the parameters, and within seconds, receive a visually editable report. This helps the triage which builders need what, and when, which can significantly increase customer support quality.


Developers use Prediction 3D for its enormous planning power. As development projects evolve throughout the project, dozens of changes are likely to occur. Prediction 3D uses visual editing to allow a developer to see a project in 3D, greatly increasing the ability to recognize solutions.

Developers think big, and many would benefit from the incredible time savings offered by Prediction 3D solutions. A single change made during the initial stages of a large development project can easily ripple through and wreak havoc on profitability. Prediction 3D pre-estimating software checks, and rechecks the data looking for inconsistencies.

Real Estate Pros

Real estate professionals use Prediction 3D software to manage dozens of listings, especially those that are awaiting repairs. This allows the real estate pro to remain in the loop at all times, reducing the need for endless texts and emails asking for updates on the work.

Real estate professionals enjoy the speed and easy interface Prediction 3D software offers. What happens when a crucial repair holds up a closing? Just create a project file in Prediction 3D and almost instantly, you’ll see the bottleneck. Visual editing makes it easy to locate and identify current issues, and anticipate any on the horizon.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers find that using Prediction 3D AI-powered software makes managing logistics very simple. Civil engineers can find road building projects held up during the prime building months over an easily avoidable paperwork error. Prediction 3D ensures the results you receive are exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t.

How to Apply to Be a Beta Tester For Prediction 3D Pre-Estimating and Take-Off Software

As mentioned earlier, Prediction 3D is looking for qualified beta testers to use the solution at no charge. Prediction 3D is particularly interested in working with general contractors, developers, real estate pros, and others in the construction industry.

However, Prediction 3D AI-powered software isn’t just construction project management. Prediction 3D software can be used to manage pre-estimation tasks for industry, public sector, and transportation estimating.

If you’re interested in becoming a beta tester or receiving more information regarding the power of AI and how you can use it to supercharge your pre-estimating, the easiest way is to just request a free consultation with an expert. They will answer any questions you have, and maybe even a few you haven’t thought of yet.

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