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What Does Artificial Intelligence Do That I Can't?

Brian Paul
DECEMBER 30, 2023 | 10 min
what does artificial intelligence do that i can't

“What can artificial intelligence do that I can’t?” is a common question among those considering investing in technology. To be clear, the answer is really nothing. Artificial intelligence, or AI, simply does what you would do just much faster, and probably more accurately.

The further we speed into the 21st century the faster all our lives will be affected by artificial intelligence, or AI. Just as business computing turned into the technology-rich lives we live today, AI is just another way of doing the same thing, only better.

We often hear about how AI can become a bigger problem than it solves, but the reality is that AI just does whatever we tell it to, while we do something else. In the world of construction, the most obvious use for AI is to increase speed, reduce human labor, and improve accuracy.

Here we will discuss in layman’s terms how artificial intelligence is used in construction, and offer a few tips for recognizing how the technology can benefit your company.

How Is AI Used In Pre-Estimating and Project Management?

As architects, project managers, and general contractors we understand the importance of speed, paired with accuracy. Traditionally, most of us use whatever methods we are comfortable with, including spending extra hours on project management, when a project hits a delay or a costly mistake is discovered.

In most cases, the delay or mistake was completely available with proper planning and cross-checking. The problem is that these actions take time and cost money, so we can either limit the number of projects we estimate or accept the risk that mistakes will be made.

AI solves this problem by not only checking and cross-checking for accuracy thousands of times but also doing so at lightning speed. Imagine creating a pre-estimate or take-off for a prospective client knowing the information was 100% accurate and profitable.

How many more projects would you pursue if you didn’t have to make a capital investment in labor every time you wanted to build a pre-estimate to see if the project was profitable? What if you could customize a pre-estimate to reflect the way the client prefers to receive it?

Why Can AI Do More Than I Can?

What makes AI so powerful is the technology’s ability to search for relevant information online to answer whatever question it was asked. The best example comes from Prediction 3D, a software development company based in Biloxi, Mississippi. Prediction 3D, or Prediction 3D, has developed an AI-powered estimating tool that is easy to use, cost-effective, and accurate.

When you upload a project file into the Prediction 3D software, within seconds the system will analyze your project. You input your 3D model and details, like quantities and delivery schedules, and the software will do the rest. You can change parameters as the project evolves, and Prediction 3D will update the project automatically. That’s why AI can do more work than we can.

Prediction 3D has designed the software for a quick 4-step creation of a project pre-estimate using your Revit or Autocad files. Then you just set the parameters of the project, like the scheduling of materials, deliveries, and labor. Now you’ve got Prediction 3D on guard every minute of every day, ensuring the accuracy of your estimates or take-offs.

Prediction 3D Software Provides Quick and Accurate Pre-Estimating On Steroids

Let’s say you work in a metro area where RFQs and RFPs are always available to estimate and pursue, but the cost of the research is cost prohibitive. Prices, materials, and availability change at a moment’s notice, so it can be daunting to manage multiple estimates without errors. Even more difficult is monitoring changes that can significantly affect the project, like delivery.

Prediction 3D software can manage the day-to-day cumbersome work, like alerting you to a significant price change or work location. Money can be wasted very easily when materials and people aren’t in the right place when they should be, eating away at the bottom line.

Prediction 3D can be used to even predict future trends, availability, and other events in advance of their impact. That helps you plan better, make better decisions, and get more done in less time. Like any tool that saves us time and effort, AI is an investment you won’t likely regret.

How Can I Get a Demonstration Of Prediction 3D AI-Powered Software?

If you would like a free, no obligation demonstration of the power of the Prediction 3D estimating tools, just request a free consultation with an expert in pre-estimating and take-off building. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, Prediction 3D is currently accepting applications.

Beta testers will be the first to demo new features of the software, receive technical support, and expert installation. In fact, your company may be featured in future case studies to demonstrate the real-world value of the software. If you would like to learn more about the beta testing program, just contact us for an appointment!

what does prediction 3d ai project management software do
What Does Prediction 3D AI Project Management Software Do?
blog-author-iconBrian Paul

Prediction 3D (P3D) is a technology company (based in Hattiesburg, MS, USA) offering project management software solutions powered by artificial intelligence, or AI. The Prediction 3d does not require additional CAD files to work and can be used stand alone, or integrated into other project management applications..

3 ways using Prediction 3d can save your construction company money
3 Ways Using Prediction 3d Can Save Your Construction Company Money
blog-author-iconBrian Paul

In today’s world of construction, unpredictability reigns. Managing construction projects at a profit can often rely on good decisions made far upstream. Prediction 3D (P3D) offers AI solutions for construction professionals that help you make more informed decisions