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Will Artificial Intelligence Make My Job Easier?

Brian Paul
AUGUST 13, 2023 | 10 min

As project managers in today’s volatile construction industry it seems like we’re either twiddling our thumbs or juggling chainsaws. How would our day-to-day activities be affected if we could see problems before they happen?

Artificial intelligence, better known as AI, is a tool just like any other. However, the power of AI can be harnessed to do tiny, repetitive jobs, or those that usually require a team of project managers.

Prediction 3D (P3D) an technology company based in Hattiesburg, MS has developed an AI powered pre-construction estimating tool unmatched in the industry. Most project management software solutions are designed for convenience more so than computing power.

The Prediction 3d estimating and take off tools available now are designed for both ease of use and enormous functionality. You won’t need a week-long training course, or an in-house tech support group to use the tool, so you’ll begin earning the return on investment almost immediately.

Here we will briefly discuss how AI works, how Prediction 3d has developed its usefulness, and how you can use AI to reduce costs and increase accuracy. Prediction 3d pre-estimating and take off solutions essentially operate themselves in the most productive way possible, freeing up your time and resources.

Is Using AI For Project Management Safe?

Interestingly, the concept of artificial intelligence has entered the lexicon in many ways. Movies and TV often portray AI as a doomsday device, which could not be further from the truth. AI is just a computer like any other, just with more power.

AI is used in project management to reduce the workload of project managers and builders, not add to it. Prediction 3D has brought the idea of simplicity and functionality to an enormously powerful tool.

Using AI to replace old, outdated estimating systems is akin to replacing hand tools with electric versions. Just like using a power tool, AI project management simply makes the job faster, easier, and more accurate.

How Can Using AI Make My Pre-Construction Estimating Job Easier?

AI powered estimating software and take off tools are the bread and butter of the Prediction 3d solution’s functionality. How much time do we spend checking, rechecking, revising, and rechecking our project details?

The Prediction 3d solution is designed to do the tedious work we all dread, and provide us with simple, easy to read reports at the touch of a button. You won’t need endless filing cabinets or a team of assistants to get the information you need, exactly when you need it.

In fact, you only need to take a few steps to begin using the solution right out of the box. The Prediction 3d estimating tool operates with just the basic project information you upload, and the software takes it from there.

Will AI Estimating Tools Take My Job Away?

Another common myth is that eventually AI will take our jobs away. The reality is that although AI does reduce the need for human labor, it also creates other opportunities. The cost savings achieved by owners can be reinvested in developing a new skill set for the 21st century.

Modern, successful construction companies are using technology everywhere they can, but the demand for workers is at an all time high. As construction methods and materials evolve, so does the need for skilled labor.

AI project estimating is just a more efficient way of doing what we already do, just without the headaches. The Prediction 3d tools available today can run calculations, make recommendations, and provide reporting while we sleep.

The result is a more efficient use of our time and skills than sitting endlessly at a calculator. Instead of paying overtime for a group of project managers to work a weekend, Prediction 3d can provide the results they are searching for in a matter of seconds

How Is Prediction 3D Software Different?

The Prediction 3d estimating functions include a number of features designed to help you visualize every element of every project. For example, you can replace your 1980’s overhead projector, dry erase board, and hand written estimates the day you implement the solution.

One of the most popular features of the Prediction 3d solution is the Visual Editing feature. At the touch of a button, your entire project can be visually displayed, color coded, and organized, per your parameters. This one function can make a foreseeable obstacle obvious, and save you hours of pouring over documents to locate an error.

Speaking of errors, the Prediction 3d estimating software design includes a number of built in safeguards to ensure your estimates and take offs are accurate and dependable. The solution automatically cross checks and verifies the information you provide, and alerts you to inconsistencies. Instead of being reactive every time a hiccup occurs, you’ll be proactive in their prevention.

As we know, small, unidentified problems that occur early in a project can turn into expensive problems down the road. How much time, effort, and money could we save by identifying and resolving these issues before they can occur?

Prediction 3d estimating tools require only a one time upload of your Revit project files, which are analyzed and categorized automatically. Using your upload, Prediction 3d will create Gantt charts, scheduling, and even local cost details based on your zipcode.

Bid support is also next level. You can sort your project by category, assembly, and even materials, depending on the task at hand. Price, schedule, and labor changes are automatically recalculated down to the last detail, and presented in an easily digestible format you can use instantly.

How Can I Get More Information About How AI Can Make My Job Easier?

The easiest way to get started with AI computing is to ask for a free, no obligation demonstration. The pros at Prediction 3d are the best at what they do, and can answer any question you have. The best part is that you’ll see in real time what the power of AI can do for your construction business, not someone else’s.

The key to using AI to make your job easier is to get started. Don’t let your competitors take your competitive advantage away by embracing AI first. Contact an AI expert at Prediction 3d today, and discover how AI can take a load off of your shoulders.

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What Does Prediction 3D AI Project Management Software Do?
blog-author-iconBrian Paul

Prediction 3D (P3D) is a technology company (based in Hattiesburg, MS, USA) offering project management software solutions powered by artificial intelligence, or AI. The Prediction 3d does not require additional CAD files to work and can be used stand alone, or integrated into other project management applications..

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